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Areas of operation

We are an authorised Mercedes-Benz truck service. We carry out technical inspections as well as guarantee and post-guarantee repairs of vehicles. We are specialised in repairs of automatic ...


An authorised Mercedes-Benz truck service is also located within our company's premises. This service deals with technical inspection as well as guarantee and post-guarantee repairs of vehicles. ...

District Vehicle Technical Inspection Station

As part of our services we encourage you to visit our modern Vehicle Technical Inspection Station. The station has a district station status, thanks to which we perform all technical inspections ...


Our service offers you an option to buy analogue and digital tachographs as well as to have them serviced and verified. We have relevant authorizations from VDO KIENZLE, and DRAB-POL - the leader in ...

Toll Collect

Acting on behalf of the German government, Toll Collect company has set up a toll system that is capable of calculating and collecting road use charges based on the distance travelled. This system ...

Speed Limiters

In compliance with the EU requirements, on 1st January 2008 Poland introduced a legal requirement to install speed limiters in trucks and buses. In order to meet customer requirements, we have ...



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